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texas bay spices

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Texas Bay Spices creates spices grown along the upper Texas gulf coast and beyond for Texans who want flavorful, spicy and aromatic gourmet dishes. 

Bag of Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are one of the most overlooked spices in cooking today and its appearance elevates the sophistication of any dish. Your 4-ounce bag of leaves will be hand-picked from Lora-Marie's trees and dried to lock in the bursting flavor, then shipped directly to you. 

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Bag of France

Lora-Marie created this special blend of French-inspired herbs one day when she was making homemade chicken soup for Bobby when he was sick. It turned a common soup into a sophisticated dinner. After that, she tried it on other dishes and realized it's a good foundation for any meat, soup or stew. It will be made-to-order for you and shipped in a 4-ounce bag. 

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Look for Texas Bay Spices wherever you find Lora-Marie Bernard. The Texas author began the spice company with Bobby Gervais one day when they realized that she could share her grove of bay leaf trees, Cuban oregano and other special spices with her fans and the world. 

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Check back! There are more features to come!

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