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THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS: The Song, the Legend and Emily D. West (History Press) 

Author Lora-Marie Bernard seeks an honest account honoring the grit and determination that brought a free black woman from the abolitionist riots of Connecticut to the thick of a bloody Texas revolution. Bernard also traces other stories that legend has obscured, including the connection between Emily D. West and plans for a free black colony in Texas.

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LOWER BRAZOS RIVER CANALS (Arcadia | Images of America Series)

Communities have spent more than 100 years mastering the mighty Brazos River and its waterways. In the 1800s, Stephen F. Austin chose the Brazos River as the site for the first Texas colony because of its vast water and fertile soil. Within 75 years, a pumping station would herald the way for crop management. Within a few decades, the Texas agricultural empire caused Louisiana to dub Texas farmers "the sugar and rice aristocracy." As the dawn of the industrial age began, the Brazos River and its waterways began supplying the Texas Gulf Coast industry.

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After Monroe Edwards died in Sing Sing prison in 1847, penny dreadfuls memorialized him as the most celebrated American forger until the turn of the century. With a bizarre biography too complicated for easy history, his critical contributions to Texas settlement, revolution, and annexation were inextricably mired in his activities as a slave smuggler and confidence man. Author Lora-Marie Bernard unravels the unbelievable story of one of the most notorious criminal adventurers ever to set foot on the soil of the Lone Star State.

$25 includes shipping


Houston Center depicts the history and development of one of downtown Houston's most prosperous and important districts.Born from the profits of oil and gas giant Texas Eastern, Houston Center was unparalleled in its vision to create a modern "city within a city". The vision of legendary Houstonian George R. Brown became its foundation. Today he is the namesake of the city's world-class convention center inside this 33-contiguous blocks in the "heart of downtown." Despite an unpredictable path, the complex has fulfilled its 1970s master plan as a place to live, work, and play in downtown Houston. NOTE: Limited copies available. This is a hardback coffee table  book. 

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For several years Texas was on the brink of a Civil War when Austin residents stood against President Sam Houston after he sent operatives to steal the National Archives. This is the story about why the battle for the Texas Capital was as fierce - but less bloody - as the revolution against Mexico.

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